Art Week

Southeast Financial Center — Downtown Miami


December 3rd, Saturday

10:30AM Tifftopia Yoga for All Senses

12PM Aroma Talk Panel

6PM to 10PM Cocktail/ Music with Mishin, MindGazm, Natan and Derek Di Lite

December 4th, Sunday

10:30AM Tifftopia Yoga for all Senses

12PM Conscious Community Panel

6PM to 10PM Cocktail/Music

Art Installations

Open to public December 2nd — 5th. Click caption under images for more information.

Gondwana Director Ben Joseph Andrews Image courtesy of FILMGATE.



News in Brief

District 2 City Commissioner Ken Russell submitted an irrevocable letter of resignation associated with his candidacy for U.S. Congress.

District 2 the City Commissioner seat will be vacant starting January 3, 2023. Among the requirements for aspiring candidates: shall have resided within the district at least one year and be electors in that district and shall maintain residence in that district for the duration of their term of office.

Learn about all required documents and list of qualified applicants.

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