Downtown Women Who Make a Difference

The November issue also features a visit with Commissioner Manolo Reyes, Chair of the Downtown Development Authority. In a candid conversation, he explores the challenges downtown Miami confronts and his proposed solutions. Megan McLaughlin addresses the importance of saving our historic buildings, and her work in preserving the grand Central Baptist Church on NE First Avenue. Matilda Kalaveshi writes about the importance of small businesses, and Aaron de Mayo for Our Street’s column analyzes new urban delivery methods.

To coincide with the 2020 Miami Book Fair, we put together a book supplement featuring Florida books, international best sellers, and one favorite, Make it Clear, a guide to concise business writing, public speaking and making presentations by a revered MIT professor of both computer science and communications. And you will find the popular staples: In Brief, Opinion Page, Talk of Downtown, Food & Drink, Business Report, and Cultural Compass. More.

Here is the link to Downtown News November digital edition.

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Raul Guerrero

Raul Guerrero


At the intersection of city living, Downtown Miami, and urban culture. Authored several books. “Informed, informative and irreverent.”